About me


Awards and recognitions:

Silver in the category “People / Life style” at the Tokyo International Photo Awards 2017


My academic background is in Philosophy and Radio Journalism but I have been doing photography for 10 years now. It happened somehow unintentionally. My internal gusts made me dedicate
myself wholeheartedly to seeking the light and working with it. It seemed to me
very interesting and challenging to look at things and “stop” them in a photo.
At some point in my life this became not only my job, but also my personal legend.

The photography that I present is a piece of the puzzle of my existence, my
attitude towards the surrounding reality and my attempts to bring visual
meaning to the world. The art that I present supports my inner development,
enriches and ennobles my nature, stretches the horizon of my understanding
and makes me more tolerant. It does not only give me dynamics, but it also
brings comfort and selfconcentration in my life.

Thanks to photography I meet people, events, realities and I derive energy,
inspiration and wisdom… The photography is my mental, meditative and
personal experience which (without me being pretentious) brings me to
transcendental dimensions. I feel that I would not be who I am today without
me looking, photographing en sharing my visualisations. Some of them are
documentary, others are aesthetic.

I am not doing this for its own sake. I am trying to evoke emotions and
attitudes in people interested in my work. I hope that this is a successful
attempt to make the world a better and a more beautiful place to live in.